July 5 Manatees Photos

I shot photos and video during the Brevard County Manatees’ July 5 doubleheader with the Tampa Yankees. Below are samples of the photos; they’ll eventually show up in the SpaceCoastBaseball.com Photo Gallery.

Shawn Zarraga


Sean Halton


Brock Kjeldgaard


Erik Komatsu


Josh Prince and Matt Cline


Osprey nest atop a light pole behind left field.


Peter Fatse


Josh Prince


Josh Prince dives back into first base.


Matt Cline


Manager Bob Miscik and Josh Prince


Brock Kjeldgaard makes a throw from left field.


Wily Peralta


Angel Salome


Sergio Miranda


Mike Ramlow


Hitting coach Dwayne Hosey


Pitching coach Fred Dabney


R.J. Seidel


Michael Roberts


Steve Braun



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