Rule 5 Results

The 2009 Rule 5 draft took about a half hour Thursday.

No Manatees were claimed by other organizations. The Brewers claimed LHP Chuck Lofgren from the Indians in the major league phase, but you won’t see him playing for the Manatees as he has to be on the Brewers’ parent club roster all of 2010 or else he must be offered back to Cleveland.

The Nationals lost some players and claimed some players.

In the major league phase, the Nats lost RHP reliever Zech Zinicola to the Blue Jays. Zinicola split 2009 between Double-A Harrisburg and Triple-A Syracuse.

The Nationals had the #1 pick overall in the major league phase, but bargained that away earlier in the week when they acquired reliever Brian Bruney from the Yankees. The Yankees used the Nats’ pick to select Dodgers’ Triple-A outfielder Jamie Hoffman.

In the Triple-A phase, the Blue Jays selected RHP Ruben de la Rosa, who pitched for the Nationals’ 2009 Gulf Coast League team in Viera. The Mariners claimed RHP Terry Engles, who split the year between Hagerstown and Potomac. He pitched for the GCL Nats in 2005. The Nationals claimed Arismendy Mota from the White Sox; he’s pitched only in Chicago’s Dominican academy, so you might see him at Viera in 2010 although he turns 23 in February.

In the second round of the Triple-A phase, DC claimed 27-year old lefty reliever Mike Wlodarczyk from Tampa Bay Rays. He had a 5.40 ERA in 47 games with Double-A Montgomery in 2009. In the third round, the Nats selected CF Nick Moresi from the Astros. He hit .208 for Double-A Corpus Christi this year.

In the Double-A phase, the Mets selected RHP Johan Figuereo from the Nationals. Figuereo was on the Vermont roster the last two years; in 2007 he pitched one inning for Viera in the GCL.

As we discussed on December 9, most Rule 5 picks amount to nothing, although once in a while a player will blossom with another organization.


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